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Satellite TV On My PC is a TV streaming app for Windows
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Satellite TV On My PC is a TV streaming app for Windows. It lists several TV channels that you can watch on your computer. Usually, those channels are readily available for you to play on the web for free. Satellite TV On My PC lists those channels and groups them by country, and you can further group them by category, like sports, shopping, science, etc. You can save channels to your favorites for easy playback, and all channels can be played in a full-screen mode.

There are some problems with this application. The first one is the most important one. It is VERY hard to find TV channels that work. I was able only to open some weather channels and a documentary channel, after several tries. This application isn't free. If I had paid for this and discovered that most of the channels don't work, I would be totally mad. The second problem that I encountered was the interface. You can't maximize the window or increase its size. Browsing through the channels requires a lot of bar scrolling. You waste too much time just trying to read the channel name.

I like that, unlike other similar applications, Satellite TV On My PC does tell you when a channel is not broadcast at the moment, albeit too often.

José Fernández
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  • Lack of updating makes a lot of channels unaccessible
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